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The Highland Art Center is located in Weaverville’s Downtown Historic District.  Perfectly situated along Main Street with maximum visibility and parking to capture and tourist traffic, our 1983 white Victorian farmhouse turned gallery is an ideal place to showcase and promote your Fine Art and Artisan Crafts. 

We have 3 options for displaying and promoting your work, but the first step is to become an artist member.  From there we will schedule an appointment with the Gallery Director where you will need to bring at least 3-5 pieces of your work for consideration.  At that time we can discuss whether your work is best suited for the member galleries, if you would like to apply for an idividual exhibit, or if it meets the requirements to be featured in an online exhibit.  Applications for Individual Shows are accepted all year long but must be submitted by August 15th to be considered for the following year.  Below you will find application guidelines.  If you have further questions please don't hesitate to call or email us.

Process of Applying For an Art Exhibit at The Highland

  1. Send a brief biography/resume giving your training and experience in the arts, and a brief list of previous exhibits (if any) to Highland Art Center, P.O. Box 1270, Weaverville, CA 96093. You may also visit us at 691 Main Street, Weaverville, CA.

  2. Include with the above: Artwork on an electronic device, prints or clear photographs of your recent work. These examples should be of the type of work you plan for the show. With the exception of retrospective shows, work for the show itself should be mostly new or very recent and should not have been displayed at the Highland Art Center in a solo show recently. (Exceptions are made in certain circumstances). In order to be considered for a show, we ask that you not accept any other local (solo) shows within the calendar year of your show at the Highland Art Center.

  3. Indicate on your application which month you would prefer for your show. Note: We reserve the right to schedule shows according to our needs, but will take into consideration your preference. Artist’s exhibits are scheduled between the months of May and September.

  4. You may request the use of the Main Gallery and the South Gallery for your show, in which case you would need 20 to 30 two-dimensional pieces, depending on size and how you wish the show hung.

    Other options for exhibits are:

    1. You may request the use of the Main Gallery only, in which case we will attempt to find an appropriate artist to show in the South Gallery.

    2. You may request to share a show with another artist of your choice, in which case this artist must submit an application along with yours. If this is your choice the work may be mixed together in both rooms.

    3. You may apply to show as a group, in which case a designated representative of the group agrees to make available and/or convey all information to each exhibiting artist. All artists must read and agree to the “General Information for Exhibitors” and “How to Apply for an Exhibit” in order for the representative to apply for the show.

  5. Membership in the Highland Art Center is required to consign items. Please visit our Membership Page for more information.

  6. Our sales commission is 30%; please keep this in mind when pricing your work. Also, it is best to keep your artwork consistently priced in order for it to retain its value.

  7. Application deadline is August 30th of the preceding year. Your request will be added to our list, but no final decisions will be made until October 30. You will be notified after the Board of Directors make their selections.