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At the Highland we are committed to investing in the artistic journey of all artists.  Whether they are an emerging amateur artist or an established professional, we love playing a part in helping artists take the next step toward furthering their career.  The following is a list of our member artists grouped into two categories.  Our Locally Celebrated artists are skilled artists and artisans who are enriching our local community with their work.  Our Nationally Recognized artists are professionals who have expanded their sphere and shown their work in galleries or exhibits outside of our regional area.  Some have even participated in International Exhibitions and have won prestigious awards.  We invite you to explore their profiles and join us in celebrating their art and accomplishments.  

Nationally Recognized

Don Bradbury - Sculptures, ceramics
Brian Gossman –Photography
Michael Hopko – Glass Sculpture
Steve Hubbell – Oil


James Kroner - Oil
Bill Marlow – Oil painting
Mary Masten– Glass, sculpture, jewelry
Debee L. Holland Olson – Painting, pastels, Education

Locally Celebrated

Patricia Aguilar – Metal jewelry
Susanne Twight Alexander – Painting, sculpture, ceramics
Ninet Albillo - Photography
Karin Rachel Anderson – Fiber, glass, ceramic, music, poetry
Mary K. Louise Anderson – Watercolor, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, oil painting
Cindy Andrews – Fiber
George Andrews - Acrylic Painting
Billy Andrews - Acrylic Painting
Barbara Bailey - Watercolor, acrylic painting, pencil
Mariah Battaglia - Essential oils
Dan Beans - Painting, photography
Jennifer Beaudet - Oil painting
Edward Beier - Photography
Jane Belden – Oil/WC painting, performance, writing
Bobbie Blakely – Fine jewelry
Kimberly Boney - Jewelry
Bradley Brinkley - Photography
Julie Bullock – Alcohol ink on glass
Roberta Busher - Artisan soaps, lotions, balms, fragrances
Susan C. Carr – Fiber, ceramics
Bridget Carson – Painting, fiber, photography
Jil Chipman – Photography
Amanda Cloud - Ceramics, watercolor, acrylic, graphite                    Kelly Corrigan – Metal, Mixed Media
Susan Cousins – Fiber, jewelry
Jerry Cousins – Woodworking, fiber, jewelry
Rosemarie Cox–  Carved gourd art, crafts
James Cudziol - Painting
Paula Dulak - Painting
Barbara Edwards - Fiber art and painting
Ann Elias – Photography, painting
Mollie Flack – Oil/Acrylic painting
Janet Flanagan - Painting
John Garrett – Painting, fiber, sculpture, ceramics, education
Juanita Gonzalez - Ceramic, jewelry
Karen Hammer – WC painting
Hamor Family - Painting, photography, mixed media
Pat Harger – Glass, sculpture, photography
Dave Hazard– Sculptures, metalwork
Emmett & Doris Hein – WC Painting
Melanie Hirdler – WC painting, ink & graphite
Susan Holthaus – WC painting, ceramics
Judith Hoffman - Mixed media, jewelry

Sandi Howell – Watercolor, photography
Jillian Hower - Woodworking, ceramics

Michelle James - Photography
Dawn Justice – Photography
Denise Granger Kerbs - Painting
Yvonne Kern - Oil and WC Painting
Andrea Kennard– Crafts, mixed media
William Lewinson – Photography, painting, crafts
Louise Lieber - Photography, painting
Alisa Lincoln - Mixed media, painting, jewelry
Jeannette Logue- Acrylic painting
Nancy Sackett-Lloyd- Watercolor, pastel, oils, mixed media
Dakota Manchette – Painting
Bill Marlow – Oil painting
Linda McGinnis – Painting, Fiber, Writing, multi-media
David Menefee - Fiber, glass, ceramic, music, poetry
Diane Mercier-  Fiber
Jessica Mines - Ceramics, photography
Penny Mossman – Fiber
Suzan & Joseph Neil – Painting, writing, drawing, music
Ken Nolte –  photography

Lynda Nolte –  watercolor, polymer clay
Sandy Obester – WC/acrylic painting, ceramic
Emily Ohrwall - Ceramics, sculpture, acrylic painting
Hal Oleari – Photography, pastels, music, Education
Carrie Parmeter– Crafts, mixed media, painting, sculpture, acrylics, wood, watercolors, fibers, metal
Dean Perini – Woodworking, jewelry, mixed media
Mark Perko - Painting, music, multi-media
Kimberly Piazza – Painting, multi-media, 
Betty Pestoni – Painting, Mixed Media, Ceramics
Muriel Plank - Photography
Marni Rapf – Fiber, Crafts
Fariss Ryan - Graphic design
Olive Schroder- WC painting, drawing
Beverly Smith - WC and acrylic painting
Buck Steele – WC painting, Metal Sculpture, Photography
Roberta Stone – Painting, ceramic, sculpture, mixed media, photography
Beverly Strand– Photography
Kassandra Thomsen - Fiber
Janet Weidel – Oil & acrylic painting
Darell Warnock – Painting
Michael Bien & Jan Werner – Fiber, Crafts
Keiki Yamasaki – Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography


In Memory of Steve Hubbell

Steve Hubbell was and will remain a prominent and beloved member of the Highland Art Center and our community of Weaverville, CA. We honor Steve here as one of our long time studio artists would like to share with you about his life and artistic journey.

Steve’s full career span from his early life to late was devoted to his art. His background in art covered a large range, he started his career as an illustrator at the age of 18 and went on to work in industrial art, was an art director of advertising agencies and owned his own art service, all during his time in Southern California. There he also owned a dog breeding kennel and was an all-breed dog handler, licensed by the American Kennel Club.  He was an American Kennel Club judge since 1969 and throughout his life and artistic career he continued judging all breeds at shows around the world. 

In 1971, Steve and his family moved to the small picturesque mountain community of Weaverville in Northern California, where he pursued his fine arts career in earnest.  His love for animals and understanding of anatomy still shows in his paintings and bronzes.  Steve has illustrated books and specific breed standards for The American Kennel Club.  He won the Westminster Award in the Contemporary Dog Artists Contest, held in New York.  He also won Best of Show at the National Juried Fine Arts Competition dedicated to canine art held in Wichita, Kansas.  Steve was chosen as the Pedigree Dog Calendar artist 1994 - 1995, and was commissioned to paint 16 oil paintings for the Pedigree brand.  His art has been included in the permanent collection of The Dog Museum of America in St. Louis, Mo.

He is not exclusively known as a dog artist but is also celebrated for his Western art and was a member of the prestigious American Indian and Cowboy Artists, Inc.  However, he said his real love was depicting Sporting dogs in action.  In January of 1989 his work depicting formal fox hunting scenes was selected by the King Gallery in Manhattan for a one man show.  The exhibit featured his work in pencil, watercolor, oil, and bronze sculpture.   

Steve Hubbell is held in high esteem in the art community, has been featured in shows across the nation, and has won many awards.  He is considered a highly collectible canine artist and his work is in collections around the globe.  The majority of Steve's work is commissioned by dog lovers, private collectors, and large corporations.