Olive Schroeder

This body of work celebrates the beauty of our county through the eyes of artist Olive Schroder.  Educated at Carnegie Mellon, Olive received a bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Design then went on to attend Cal Poly Pomona to earn a Master’s degree in Architecture.  The emphasis her education placed on drawing as the underlying foundation of art has provided direction throughout her current exploration of landscapes.  Her charcoal and pencil drawings are filled with movement, emotion, and depth.  Her “en plein air” watercolors also exude the calm, clean, simplicity you would expect from an accomplished architectural render without losing their emotive quality.  At the 2016 Highland Art Center Juried Art show she received high recognition as the recipient of the Award of Excellence in the painting category and also received honorable mention in the pastel and drawing bracket.  She feels a deep connection to the beauty of the Trinity County landscapes and enjoys documenting the colors of the changing seasons in our mountain sanctuary.

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