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Dennis Halkides & James M Cudziol

  • Highland Art Center 691 Main Street Weaverville, Ca 96093 United States (map)

James M Cudziol

Artist Statement

“Visions, a personal reinvention of the California Landscape”

Finding new paintings with a focus on a personal re-interpretation the California Landscape. I am weaving art history, color and light into my own personal vision of California.

Using impressionism, abstract expressionism, surrealism and pop art, the landscape becomes a vision of how I see the California I live in. Breaking down color and shapes in to basic forms, using color value, tone and hue, I challenge the viewer to see through my eyes and invite them into an experience.

image2 (10).JPG

Dennis Halkides

Artist Statement

Most people think of a photographer as someone who makes “snap shots” or pictures that are accurate slices of time and place of their subject, reproducing reality if you will.

As a photographic artist, I don’t do that, or at least try my best not to. I don’t see myself as a mere “recorder” of what is.  I see a subject that interests me and try to identify why it caught my attention…then try to envision what I can make from it.  My interpretation. In other words, something about the scene caught my interest—caused me to respond to it, both with my camera and in the post-processing phase of making my image. Bottom line test is that it must be something I would proudly hang on my wall.

I try to improve, change and interpret what I am looking at when I get back to my computer, quite the same as I imagine a landscape painter who changes colors of their subject, and omits ugly litter or signs if that’s not part of their artistic vision.

For the most part, my finished print is not meant to be an accurate depiction of what was actually there at the time of capture, but rather what I envisioned that it could be looking at it the time of capture.

If that were not the case, I’d have no purpose as a photographic artist.  I’d be like a Google camera car, recording what it sees without artistic imputes.

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