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Debee Olson & Hal Oleari

Artist Statement


Extreme Northern California and the Pacific North Coast have been the subject and inspiration of my work for more than forty-five years.

I am a contemporary American Realist whose imagery has sought to explore the gap between the actual landscape of inspiration and the painting of the landscape, the gap between nature and art. When internalizing the condition viewed on site, I develop a new focal point, in which the aspects meet and form something greater involving greater involving the viewer and oneself into a timeless landscape.

My first impression of the selected site for painting comes from standing within the landscape and the feelings that the scene conveys. I want to enlarge it and develop what I see into a composition that pleasing to me and which will potentially draw the viewer into the painting. I gravitate to sunrise, early morning, and late afternoons. The inspiration always comes back to the landscapes itself and my emotional response. Working outdoors on location provides opportunity for contemplation, self discovery, and inspiration as each visit brings a new physical presence and color condition working on site. The culmination of experiences is so intense as to be painfully joyful!



Celebrating the spectacular vastness, intricacies, and stories told by the natural world around us is the primary objective. But, can one more “landscape” show present a unique perspective on arguably the most common subject drawn, painting and photographed? “ Light and Atmosphere-a Rippling Effect” offers just that.

For this show, story-telling through landscape painting is my goal. Questions I ask myself are: Does it evoke an emotional response? Are there engaging properties that transcend color palette, composition, perspective, and a sense of place? Does it talk to me, tell me about somewhere I imagine I must have been?

The works presented will be crafted with a number of different mediums which will offer considerable visual variety along with the opportunity to experience the subject of nature is its many different settings.

Chances are you’ve become familiar with some of my earlier paintings as they’ve been exhibited in the member areas for quite some time. My work has progressed considerably over the years, and especially over the last two years as I’ve disciplined myself to work in my studio on a daily basis.

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