Hal Oleari

Studio E

  Hal’s mother discovered him, at 3 years old, sitting on the floor of the family’s laundry room “playing” the washer and dryer with the palms of his hands. When asked what in the world he was doing, his reply was “These sound great!” Little was it known at the time that this was the genesis of a life of musical expression. Many years of music education and a multitude of various musical instruments later, Hal is a seasoned performer, recording artist and educator, and now teaching out of our Studio E. In between his lesson schedule rehearsals are conducted there as well. You’re liable to hear anything coming out of Studio E from Classical, Jazz fusion to Surf music!  

     Hal is also known as one of the most prolific and well-collected artists at the Highland Art Center. His work covers a wide range of subject matter and incorporates a variety of mediums. Music seems to sneak into his visual art as well, as his paintings suggest rhythmic gesturing and movement.     

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