Artist Members

If you are interested in more information on any of our Member Artists or information about acquiring a membership at the Highland Art Center and adding your name to the list, please contact us.

Nancy Morris Adrian
– Fiber
Patricia Aguilar
– Metal jewelry
Susanne Twight Alexander
– Painting, sculpture, ceramics
Mary Amon Glassware
– Clown Act, Jewelry
Judy Anderson
– Painting
David Menefee & Karin Rachel Anderson
– Fiber, glass, ceramic, music, poetry
Lupe & Carl Arness
– Fiber, photography,woodworking
Sean Bauers
– Oil painting
Cindy Merwin / Geoffrey Beebe
– Fiber, photography, crafts
Jane Belden
– Oil/WC painting, performance, writing
Gay Berrien
– Pen and ink, oil painting
Kristi Bevard
– WC/oil/acrylic painting, sculpture
Craig & Bobbie Blakely
– Fine jewelry
Billie Jo Bonk
– WC painting
Jim & Joan Boulden
– Writing
D’Ann Bourne
– Acrylic painting, collage, mixed media
Bryan Boyle
– Woodworking
Maryann Brackett
– WC painting
Richard & Dianne Brown
– Writer, poetry
Susan C. Carr
– Fiber, ceramics
Bridget Carson
– Painting, fiber, photography
Connie Champe
– Fiber
Jil Chipman
– Photography
Terri Lee Clarke
– Painting, ceramic
Susan & Kelly Corrigan
– Metal sculpture, ceramics, fiber
Susan & Jerry Cousins
– Woodworking, fiber, jewelry
Shirley Barone Craddock
– WC/acrylic painting
Mark & VaLynn Crafford
– Sculpture, photography, crafts
Tiffany Daines
– Photography
Carolyn Dokter
– Oil painting
Cynthia Dunn
– Mixed media
Sonya Edwards
– Oil/Acrylic Painting, Photography, Jewelry
Darell Warnock & Ann Alias
– Photography, painting
Julie Feely
– Fiber
Martin & Mollie Flack
– Oil/Acrylic painting
Tim Ford
– Woodworking, crafts
Judith Frost
– WC/oil painting
SuZan La Berteaux & John Garrett
– Painting, fiber, sculpture, ceramics, writing, Education
Cori Gisler
– WC painting, pastel
Bob & Helen Gravette
– Oil painting, pastels, fiber
Jill Halvorsen
– Painting, printmaking
Karen Hammer
– WC painting
Pat Harger
– Glass, sculpture, photography
Egon & Judi Harrasser
– Photography
Rena Hawkins
– Painting, fiber, ceramic, crafts
Emmett & Doris Hein
– WC Painting
Melanie Hirdler
– WC painting, ink & graphite
Susan Holthaus
– WC painting, ceramics
Michael Hopko
– Glass
(Roberta) Chris House
– Fiber
Sandi Howell
– Watercolor, photography
Mel Jackson
– WC Painting , Sculpture
Gregg Silva / Dawn Justice
– Photography

David (Matt) Johansing – Painting, multi-media, graphic artist
Joseph Kasper
– Fiber, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramic
Morgan Kennedy
– Photography
Lucille Kibbee
– WC painting, photography, pen & ink
Keith Larson
– WC painting
Corky LeTellier
– Fiber/quilting
William Lewinson
– Photography, crafts
Anna Lionberger
– Fiber
Bill Marlow
– Oil painting
Jon Tipton & Dr Daniel McElheran –
Oil/acrylic painting
Linda McGinnis –
Painting, Fiber, Writing, multi-media
Penny Mossman
– Fiber
Suzan & Joseph Neil
– Painting, writing
Ken & Lynda Nolte
Ken: photography Lynda: watercolor, polymer clay
Sandy Obester
– WC/acrylic painting, ceramic
Hal Oleari
– Photography, pastels, music, Education
Greg & Susie Olson
– Ceramics
Debee L. Holland Olson
– Painting, pastels, Education
Judith Parsell –
Painting, photography, mixed media

Kimberly Piazza – Painting, multi-media, exhibitry

Mark Perko – Painting, music, multi-media
Helena & Len Pizarro
– WC painting, ceramics
Dina Poggi
– Fiber, photography
Marni Rapf
– Fiber, Crafts
Betty Richards
– Painting, photography
Lydea Roach
– WC painting, pastel, photography, writing, crafts
Julie Roselli
– Multi-media
Bruce Ross
– Pottery, photography, turned wood
Colleen Ryberg
– Ceramics
Joolia Jamison Harper and Greg Snyder
– Silk painting on clothing
Chuck Spotts
– Photography
Buck Steele
– WC painting, Metal Sculpture, Photography
Cathy & Doug Stevenson
– WC painting
Robin & Eileen Stocum
– Photography, writing
John Swearingen
– Photography
Angenett Taft
– Fiber/quilting
Janet Taylor
– Fiber/Quilting, Education
Susanne Twight-Alexander
– photography, poetry
Peter Ulrich
– Photography
Nancy Wallace
– WC painting
Michael Bien & Jan Werner
– Fiber, Crafts
Daphne & Rick Wetzel –
WC painting, photography
Crystal Wheeler
– Painting
Susan Whitridge
– WC/oil painting, pastel
Pat Williams
– WC, Gouache Painting
Marilyn Yospe
– Painting, photography, jewelry